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June 30, 2021

Recent rumors have claimed that the recently deceased James [REDACTED], who passed in a tragic accident on April the 14th, has been roaming the streets of [REDACTED], slaughtering victims with an axe. Multiple homicides have been confirmed, but not a single viable suspect has been tracked down. Could it be true? Could one man, forgotten to the living world, have found a new life through death?

Strange mutations of local flora have been appearing near the scenes of the homicides.

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves..."

Botanists, biologists, not even medical professionals... No one can explain this unforeseen melding of plant and human. The only words we have for the phenomenon are "unnatural" and "ungodly."

"Fear... hesitation... these are the weaknesses of humankind. When will you learn to thrive? To live for the sake of living? To make room for yourself, and to grow."