An IRL game revolving around combat and exploration.

medieval battle

Before I made this game, my friends and I would often try to fight each other with recreational weaponry and chase each other around the neighborhood; but without a set of rules or objectives, this turned out to be quite unflattering. This is how the necessity for the creation of The King's March originated.

In The King's March, two opposing teams of players explore and fight in a designated area to achieve objectives that are facilitated by a third group of players.

The majority of these objectives revolve around a "Package," which needs to be seized, transported, and ultimately delivered as a win condition.

In the case of myself and my friends, we used an old box of Goldfish snacks filled with water bottles as our package. Thus, we colloquially refer to this game as The Goldfish Box Game.

While the Package of choice is up to the players, I will add that the box full of water bottles had enough heft to inhibit combat abilities while being carried, which I feel lent itself well to a risk/reward relationship when it comes to defending the Package in a combat encounter; fight with the package in hand, and risk losing due to lesser combative ability, or put the package down, and risk it being stolen if you are outmaneuvered.

It is also fun to play this game at night, if you have lights and feel safe doing so.

This game has resulted in a fair share of entertaining and strategic scenarios for me and my friends, such as:

I hope that others can have similarly fun experiences with this game.


Here is a link to a PDF of the rules and requirements for this game which you can distribute to all interested parties.

License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License